DJ Quilter

Front-end developer | Crafting CSS & Javascript

Some Blog Posts I Wrote

  1. ES2015 and Zombies

    A Codepen implementation of Conway’s Game of Life written using some of the new features available in ES2015 including classes and arrow functions.

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  2. A Crash Course in Handlebars

    Handlebars brings CMS-like functionality to front-end web development. You can get this working very quickly with a little bit of HTML and some very basic Javascript.

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  3. Node.js Boilerplates

    If you’re new to Node.js, and want to see some basic applications, you might find this set of boilerplates useful.

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  4. Helpful Variables For Your CSS

    CSS variables are great! Lots of people talk about using them for colours, but here are some other basic uses which have helped my development process.

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